Writers Bloc Is A New Upcoming Mixtape From Darius

Writers Bloc Is A New Upcoming Mixtape From Darius

Writers Bloc Is A New Upcoming Mixtape From Darius


Writers Bloc is a new upcoming mix tape from Darius who is an impending 18 year old artist working with Rebel Nature Studio in North Wembley who stimulates Darius to go further, working with Max Millz and Donz and his producer Impack where his work would be seen and heard on Rebel Nature’s official website link; also followed by Darius’ soundcloud link; further more you can be updated with his new tracks as he tweets on @DariusLBE. His upcoming mix tape “Writers Bloc” is full of life and excitement also mixed in with summer celebrations. This would escalate his progress that would seen in his mix tape.

Releases Before Writers Bloc

Too end 2012 Darius released a video “Beautiful Day” featuring Clickz with the link; also he released a inspirational track “Motivation” that you can hear on this sound cloud link; followed by his 2013 releases “Fly Like A Bird” Featuring JayLyn & Nev, “Angel & Demons” Featuring Vaigz & J.L and his latest release “Sands Of Time” featuring Klickz which is part of his upcoming mix tape Writers Bloc with a video in progress. He has a ReverbNation website where you can see his videos as well becoming a fan and being updated with his music performances and newly released tracks that can be downloaded with clicking on to this link;

Written by: @VeeeLBE

Writers Bloc1
Studio meditation
Writers Bloc2
Mid – freestyle caption

You can also catch DariusLBE on the weekly Max Millz collaboration.