REBELNATURE TV – INTERVIEW DONAEO @ Vibe Bar | Donae’o : Donae’o.

REBELNATURE TV – INTERVIEW DONAEO @ Vibe Bar | Donae’o : Donae’o.


DONAE’O with DJ DONZ; Donae’o talks about music, his party event Zephron Parties at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane every 3rd Saturday which he has been doing over a year now  which is getting well known and people love to go to. Donae’o loves house music he is very passionate about and what’s wants house music to get well known and recognized more than it is. Donae’o is well known for his single ‘Party hard’ that as released as an studio album ‘Party hard’ in 2009, after this he has also released a few singles such as his latest release ‘not a saint’ from the album ‘TBA’. This is his sound cloud link were you can listen to all his tracks old and new where you can share, comment and favourite.

Party Hard With Donae’o (House Music)

Donae’o has been keeping himself busy with  house releases on the Defected records, plus his own independent singles via his record label Zephron which is also his party brand. Fans across nightclubs in London can expect a new album from the ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ singer, which will be in the style of Garage and Bass line, meanwhile be sure to check out his Zephron Parties.DJs on rotation will be: Aizi Robinson, Two of Us, Zander Hardy, Aaron Hyatt, DJ Blaise. Donae’o carries on to make house music as he really wants to give people a different view on house music. You can follow him on twitter or check out his bio on twitter on this link.

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Written by: @VeeeLBE